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Video - Shirdi Sai Baba - The Only Hope, The Only Saviour - Anonymous Sai Devotee

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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram! May Baba shower His blessings on each one of us. I invoke our beloved Sai Maa's aid in helping me to narrate one of amazing Leela's miracles of our beloved Baba which I experienced. Love You so very much my Sai Maa! Apologies in advance for a lengthy post - but I request you all to spare a few extra minutes and just glance through it once - as it reflects how merciful, loving, caring our beloved Baba is.

Experience 1: My younger sister is currently pursuing engineering from Mumbai university- in her 1st year of engineering they have a subject called "engineering mechanic" in which most students flunk (fail). As per the university rule-a student gets a maximum 4 attempts to clear that paper- if a student does not clear it then they are failed for the entire year-i.e. they get a drop. By Baba's blessings and grace my sister passed in all subjects in her 1st year but somehow this one subject "engineering machines" was kind troubling her. She passed and was promoted to 2nd year-but this one subject was remaining- and if she didn't clear it now during her 2nd year then she might get a drop- such scary the situation was! 2012-2013 was her 1st year 2013-2014 was her 2nd year-and this was the final chance she had to clear her exam else she could have got a drop. I use to pray for my sister to Baba to help her clear the exam and thus get her qualified for the 3rd year.

Meanwhile, I told my sister to read "Shree Sai Satcharitra" and guess what Baba answered her question and relieved her from anxiety. when my sister was reading "Shree Sai Satcharitra" for the 1st time -she happened to read the story of "Mrs. Tendulkar' son-who was about to appear for his medical exam and how he was tensed and worried but why fear when our Sai Maa is here-he got through the exam with Baba's Blessings and grace" I told my sister the significance of this. I told her Baba has already answered your prayer in the form of that story- cast off all your fear and anxiety you are bound to clear the exam this time. I was so happy-I just cannot describe it! Meanwhile- I had participated in one online poetry competition on Facebook itself which was organised by one of the devotee's of Baba. With Baba's blessings and grace- in fact Its Baba who had composed the poem-me writing it is just gross appearance. Baba gifted us a copy of "Shree Sai Satcharitra" through the competition and my sister was very happy and my joy knew no bounds as well because I know- being gifted "Shree Sai Satcharitra" is the most precious gift anyone can get in life.

I told my sister how lucky and blessed she is-as she got the gift of "Shree Sai Satcharitra" when she was facing tough days academically. I had promised Baba-If my sister passes in that subject and gets qualified for 3rd year; I along with her will come for Baba's Darshan in nearby temple and offer "Ladoos" and sweetmeats (Pedas) " With Baba's Blessings and grace my sister did pass and got qualified for 3rd year not only that she also passed in her other subjects where she had back log! Baba is full of love, mercy and affection.

Experience 2: I along with my sister wanted to complete my vow as promised to Baba- it was more than a week since my sister's result was announced on Thursday 7 August 2014 and I wanted to complete the vow as early as possible but due to some reasons it got postponed and guess what the wonders of wonder-one Thursday I and my sister we both were in the same local train. Her college is in Andheri and mine is at vile parle- it so happened I was just thinking that today [14 august 2014] is such a holy auspicious special day Thursday -it was exactly 1week after my sister's result announced; on that particular Thursday 14 august 2014-we both met in train-it was a pleasant surprise- Baba's Leelas are inscrutable inexplicable. Then we both proceeded towards the temple and with Baba's Blessings and grace completed the vow. It’s also mentioned in "Shree Sai Satcharitra-when a devotee surrenders Himself completely at the Sadguru's Feet- Baba takes care of everything including the completion of all ceremonies and vows etc" All I can say is "Shaat Koti Koti Naman My Sai Maa " [millions and millions prostration at my Sai Maa's Lotus Feet] -I wish I could take out my heart and place it at My Sai Maa's feet but even that won't be sufficient because all this life, heart soul body etc everything already belongs to Baba- Its Baba Who has gifted us this life and everything- so how can i speak of offering something which already belongs to my Sai Baba!

Experience 3 : My brother never ever studied seriously for his exams-he too is pursuing engineering- we were most of the time worried- whey he doesn't take studies seriously- though conceptually he is sound but when it comes to preparing for exams -he's lethargic and disciplined. I don’t share a much good equation with my brother as we have fights most of the time. I do pray for him too but when he fights bitterly with me i feel hurt and decide to maintain distance from him. The day my brother's result was declared- at that time I was listening to the "Dhoop Aarti" on Live telecast via computer- mean while my brother turned up and he said he wants to check out his result; I allowed him and also prayed to Baba- that he passed and the wonders of wonders- My brother passed with 6.7 pointers! Miraculously-My brother passed-when most of the students failed in 2nd semester! This is no wonder, only and only because of my Sai Maa's love blessings and grace that my brother passed in 1 attempt with good marks. All I can say is-thanks a million ton My Sai Maa- no matter how many infinite innumerable births I take I shall never ever be able to repay Your debts and obligations- I shall eternally remain indebted to Baba. Sorry Baba for the delay in post- forgive me for all my mistakes and sins My Sai Maa! Love You so very much my Sai Maa! Thanks a million million ton My Sai Maa- love You so very much my Sai Maa Please forgive me for all my mistakes, misdeed and sins my Sai Maa! Om Sai Ram Sai Ram Krishna Hari Hari Om Namo Narayan Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Para-Brahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu - Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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