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Video: Aum Sai Rakshak Sharnam Deva | Shirdi Sai Baba Mantra 108 Times | Mantra Chanting

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ओम् साईं रक्षक शरणम् देवा - शक्तिशाली साईं बाबा मंत्र Aum Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva Podcast

"AUM SAI RAKSHAK SHARANAM DEVA" Keep chanting this MANTRA and keep chanting and keep at it, till the beat of the heart, the silent sigh of the mind and the pause between the breath chants - Ruzbeh N Bharucha
Shirdi Sai Baba is an ocean of Mercy, Love and Compassion. He is the supreme God Who walked on the earth to spiritual upliftment of His devotees. He never cares if we chant any mantra or not, worship Him daily or not, keep and observe any vow. He only wants true love and pure devotion from us. In fact, He is very possessive towards His devotees. Every devotee reading this post will share the testimony that Baba shows them correct way and He is always vigilant for their spiritual welfare. Even if He is taking care and fulfilling material wishes, He wants us to desire self realisation and thrive towards it. Each devotee will go through different levels of struggle, pain, trouble in order to understand what exactly peace and happiness means. We are well equipped, in this era, to enjoy happiness resulting from the comfort of advancement and technology, but we are devoid of peace inside us. If we are peaceful inside, happiness will come naturally inside and out. We wont be roaming and searching it in any outward medium. We will be strong enough to face the worldly issues and give birth to the desire to reach our ultimate goal (self-realization). For this purpose, He provides us with spiritual weapons like meditation, mantra, Sai Satcharitra and many of His able and learned devotees have shared the treasure of their experiences which gives us an insight of miracles that took place when Baba was in flesh and blood. Whatever treasure that i come across, i share with my readers on the blog so that we all can grow and nurture together. In today's post, i am sharing a mantra which will definitely help you to connect to Baba.

Aum Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva" is a powerful mantra which i encountered while i was editing and publishing experiences on Sai Baba Miracles blog. To my utter surprise, i noticed that since a year the frequency of experiences about chanting this sacred mantra has increased and devotees are sharing how they overcame small or big situations. The frequent encounter with the mantra made me curious to know more about it. After each such experience related to the mantra was published, i wondered about it's source. My mind presumed it to be one of the 108 names of Sai Baba and i started living with it (may be my time to experience the power of the mantra had not come yet!). Ironically, I was a little away from social media since more than a year. I only spent time in reading books and publishing regular posts on our miracles blog.

As and when time passed by, the mantra caught my attention and many devotees were sharing their experiences related to the mantra during the prevailing Covid pandemic. Devotees chanted the mantra as per their convenience, different versions of the mantra like "Om Sai Rakshak", "Om Sai Rakshak Sharnam", "Sai Rakshak", "Om Rakshak Sharnam" "Om Sai Rakshak Sarnam", "Sai Rakshak, Sai Sharnam" were available and I was not sure which version was an authentic one. However my focus was not on its authenticity but to understand how it works and how much power it is impregnated with.

The foremost reason that the blogs of Sai Yug Network came into existence is a simple want of sharing whatever I am reading, enjoying and experiencing about Baba. My time came to experience the power of it when one of my family member suffered from Covid and i vowed to chant the mantra nine times for twelve days, at ideally the same time of the day (evening arti time), after adding Udi to water in a glass and covering it with my hand. For the first two days, it was a mere chanting. Third day I tried to focus, I wasn't meditating, I chanted with full concentration. I felt positive vibrations with high energy. Immediately I started experiencing power of the mantra and felt so light. Peace had surrounded me and all my worry and anxiety started to diminish. Within next two days ill-health got restored and i was relieved. Though the tough situation had passed, I continued the chanting and completed the vow of chanting for 12 days. With each passing day and with each chanting, i was experiencing its power. I was not sure about the correct version of the mantra, so i chanted "Om Sai Rakshak Sharnam". The remaining days' chanting gave me much strength and power within as if it was helping me fight against all negatives around me, the presence of which was affecting my posiitivity. The negativity was like holes on the positive aura around me, it reached me through the holes. The mantra however repaired the holes and helped to restore positivity. Another point that i wish to highlight is that i presumed that the mantra is only for physical health, so i opted it at this time. But there was lot more in-store for me (and you all too!).

Later on. I got busy with my routine, forgot about my curiosity regarding authenticity of the mantra, still i continued encountering it for a month. Two weeks ago, I decided to go through 108 names of Sai Baba to confirm my prenotion. To my utter shock, even after reading them several times, I couldn't find the mantra! I was not able to believe my eyes and I was thinking myself to be a novice on presuming facts about a mantra without reaching its roots. I was back to square one and it gave birth to a bigger curiosity in me. I headed to google and came across various videos on YouTube, which i watched and again all had different versions. I wasnt able to decide which was the authentic mantra and its source. Then i started browsing for links that google search provided. The first search was link of the miracles blog, i smiled at the irony and went to the next one. Next link was a tweet by Ruzbeh N Bharucha about four years ago. I was reminded of reading his book Rabda : My Sai...My Sigh about nine years ago! I was in awe reading the book and fascinated with the power of his spiritual writings. I collected all the other titles authored by him and they are a part of my book collection. A reply to the tweet asking about explaination of the mantra hinted me to reach to him. Recently he had liked Facebook Page of Sai Yug Network. So contacting him on facebook seemed to be the best option.

Sai Sarovar MahaParayan, Annadan Seva, Naam Jaap, Free Wallpaper for Download, E-Books, Books, Sai Baba Shirdi Stories, History |
I pinged him on messenger and expressed my wish to know about "Om Sai Rakshak Sharnam" Mantra. Ruzbeh responded within few minutes and answered as below to my query.
I got this Mantra in my prayers and my channeling with BABA. This is a Mantra that protects one from internal and external enemies and dark vibrations.
Hesitantingly i put forth another question asking for the authentic version of the mantra, to which he replied, "AUM SAI RAKHSHAK SHARNAM DEVA". At last i reached the root of the mantra. He also shared that he has released a video of the mantra sung by Sai Shivani. It is shared at the end of the post with his due permission. I ended the conversation with a thank you and there was a sigh of relief. Now my heart started pumping to share everything about the mantra with you all and here i am.

Meaning Of The Mantra

Sai Sarovar MahaParayan, Annadan Seva, Naam Jaap, Free Wallpaper for Download, E-Books, Books, Sai Baba Shirdi Stories, History |
Let us try to analyse the mantra and bring out its meaning. It will help in meditation and get deeper insight. The Mantra can be divided into Five Elements explained as under:

Aum/Om - AUM is the symbolic representation of the primordial sound, from which “everything” is manifested. Similarly, Our Baba’s compassion and blessings is manifested in the heart of every devotee.

Sai - The word is very dear to devotees of Baba. Also it has great power in it. Chanting only "Sai Sai" will help one to get closer to Baba. However the word "Sai" has a deeper meaning, which can be read here.

Rakshak - Raksha means protection and the one who protects is Rakshak. No wonder our Baba is protecting and guiding us in all paths of life and it is very apt to address Him as Rakshak in our meditation and request Him to ward off dangers of our lives. As Ruzbeh has said it protects against internal and external enemies, it seems very apt. In today's era, Ravan lives in every human and he is more dangerous than the one who existed in Treta Yuga. Each one of us has to become Ram to kill this Ravan, who is very strong and stubborn living within us. The external enemies that Baba pointed to Ruzbeh must be the negative feelings like hatred, jealousy, anger, that humans have towards other fellow humans.

Sharanam - Sharan means shelter or refuge. We are kids of Baba and for every issue we rush to His refuge and He as a loving mother embraces us, keeps near His Heart and loves us.

Deva - Deva is another name for God derived from Sanskrit language. However, when it comes to our Baba, i remember Shama addressing Him as "Deva" and showing how intimate their relation of the past 72 births was.

Baba has given a powerful mantra to Ruzbeh for us to chant and assimilate His love and affection in our lives. Let us chant this mantra and get connected to our dear Baba.

I thank Ruzbeh for sharing the mantra and taking time to respond and satisfy my curiosity. I have been his fan from the time i had first read his book. The incident gave an opportunity to know him as an individual who is down to earth and truly devoted to His Master - Baba. Kindly visit his website for more information about him and his books.

Sai Yug Network team has also come up with "Aum Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva" chanting for 108 times in a video. Hope you like it, if so, give us a thumbs up and share with your family and friends.
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Chant "Aum Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva" every morning once, nine times or 108 times and experience the magic.

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